Birchwood Casey B3-18 Shoot.N.C 3" Round Target 18 Sheet Pack - 34315

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When you go out shooting, you want a reaction. That's why for years old cans and bottles were a favorite at the practice range. Until now! These revolutionary self-adhesive targets explode in color upon impact. And the bright yellow ring around the bullet hole is visible to the naked eye - allowing you shot after shot without interruption. So forget hunting for cans; load up on SHOOT-N-C targets and let the fun begin!
All Shoot-N-C Targets are self-adhesive.
To use, simply apply to an existing target or penetrable backstop.
See bullet holes instantly, without the aid of spotting scopes or binoculars.
Great for all firearms and calibers.
Upon bullet impact, a bright yellow ring appears around each hole.
Indoor/outdoor use. Excellent for those with reduced vision capabilities.