Birchwood Casey PFK Perma-Fin - Air Cure Finish Satin Black 3 oz Bottle - 15325

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PERMA FIN is a single-component, water-based polyurethane resin liquid, making it an easy product to apply and clean up. No mixing of components like other 2-part coatings, and no harsh chemicals to clean up after its use. PERMA FIN has an excellent adhesion to metal firearms surfaces, but also to plastic and rubber surfaces. PERMA FIN can be applied in two ways. Apply by airbrush for best results. Can also be applied with a fine-bristled painter's brush. Apply several light coats to obtain a long lasting, durable finish on all gun metal surfaces. Best yet, no baking required; simply air cure! Use the 3 oz bottle if you have your own airbrush or as a refill for the kit.