Length of Blade (inches) 5 3/4"
Over All Length (inches) 10 1/4"
Blade Shape Curved Skinner
Handle Material Black Micarta
Steel Specifications L-6
Blade Thickness (mm) 3.5mm
Sheath Leather

General Information on Svord Knives

General Information on Svord - Bryan Baker, Master Cutler started his knife making business from necessity in 1983. Made redundant by the untimely demise of an engineering firm, the 18 year old decided to turn a hobby into a practical business. The early Svord Knives were forged individually and therefore expensive. Bryan Baker had to rethink his production methods and pricing to secure a share of the New Zealand sports market. He began using the 'stock removal' method and soon carved a niche in the sports market, with attractive, affordable, handmade outdoor knives. Designs improved styles and a steady demand saw Svord Knives grow in credibility and popularity with the sporting public of New Zealand.

A chance meeting with an elderly Czechoslovak knife maker gave Bryan Baker's business a real boost for this master craftsman was able to pass on to Baker many cutlers secrets and knife know-how. Especially important was the unique hardening and tempering process which gave Bryan Baker's knives a special edge of strength and durability. Baker immediately set about to build his own hardening and tempering plant using his newly acquired skills and knowledge. Today, every Svord Knife is treated and tempered on the premises. The combination of quality Swedish cutlery steel and Baker's process for heat treating and tempering produces a truly superb blade.

Svord has continued to grow with increased interest both domestic and international. You can now find Svord Knives in Australia, U.S.A and a number of other countries. Svord Knives even attracted attention from the prestigious "American Fighting Knives" publication who rated their durability and edge holding quality as "outstanding". Svord Knives continue to gain a reputation for quality and functional design, and the future looks promising for the mark. Svord Knives are 100% NZ handcrafted from innovative designs by Bryan Baker, Master Cutler. 


Steel and Guarantee: Svord uses Swedish high carbon steel.  All Svord Knives are guaranteed for life against breakage under normal use. Of course this does not cover intentional misuse or neglect. Any knife that has clearly been misused will not be replaced. Guarantee does not cover rust. Carbon steel knives need to be kept clean and dry when not in use. These are enthusiast knives for the chef or sportsman who are interested in knives that stay sharp longer and are easily sharpened, unlike stainless steel knives.

Handles: Handles are generally offered on all knives in black acrylic or mahongany wood. For the acryclic handles, all sporting models with the same shape handle as the 370BB have moulded black and red polycarbonate handles, the other models have black and red acrylic, both these handle types are matt finished for non slip, on the above sporting knives that have brass bolsters exotic wood can be offered. For the wood handles, we utilise plantation grown sapele mahogany with a varnished finish.

Guards: Machine grade brass.

Sheaths: All the sporting knives come with genuine harness leather sheath.


Sharpening and Care Tips

The craftsman's method of sharpening Svord™ knives:
Precision knife sharpening is a delicate operation; easy after practice, but to obtain first-class results with your Svord™ knife the following procedure should be observed.

Referring to the diagram, select the grade of 'Indian' or Arkansas' stone according to the degree of coarseness of the 'sawtooth' pattern desired. Take the knife in your usual working hand, lay it at an angle of 10-20 degrees to the stone, using the fingers on your free hand to apply mild pressure to the blade.

Draw the knife across the stone as if slicing from hte haft to the point. Turn the knife over and treat the other side in the same manner. Between 10 and 15 strokes to both sides of the blade should produce a very sharp durable edge, provided that the correct angle and even finger pressure on the blade is maintained throughout the operation. Test for sharpness by slicing a newspaper sheet - the cut should be easy and no catching or ripping should occur. Look at the edge of the blade under a bright light. Dull edges will be visible and shiny. If the tests fail - back to the stone!

Knife sharpening is an art, and it pays to practice on some cheap cutlery before carrying out work on your Svord™ knife.

Once you have mastered the method, you will find that your Svord™ knife will hold an amazing edge, and you will have an utterly dependable implement which will serve you faithfully for a lifetime.


Some Vital Svord Tips: 
* Never wash this knife in a dishwasher.
* Never leave this knife wet or in water at any time or the knife will tarnish.
* Always cut on a chopping board and not directly on a stainless steel bench top.
* To wash your knife, run it under boiling hot water as this imparts a blue-ish tinge to the steel.
* To sharpen your knife we recommend abrasive sharpeners such as a diamond steel or a stone, traditional oil stone, India stone or Arkansas stone - never use a Butcher's steel as it is designed to align the edge on soft steel knives.
* Store your knife in a knife block or in a drawer separate from other cutlery to avoid it being damaged.
* Some of the knives have rare exotic woods as handles - occasionally you should polish with furniture oil or boiled linseed oil.
* If your knife tarnishes use a green scotchbrite (Artificial plastic steel wool) pad to clean

Svord™ Knives - Prized Possessions:
In today's throwaway world of mass-produced short-life uniformity, Svord is proud to offer knives, 100% hand-crafted in the manner of the world's finest and most famous knives - the bowie, the Arkansas 'Toothpick' - and made from the finest steel with the best designed edge. We offer you Svord™ - the knives for your lifetime.

ClubOutdoors sells & stocks only 100% Genuine products we are a Retail business and Australian owned. 

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